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Acro Dance calendar with inspirational quotes for a mindful focus & progress in your training and your awesome life!


- Reusable every year.

- Optional hand signed.

- Photographs by Carolin Gödeke

Hey beautiful people!
Let us present to you: Our first creative project off stage - The Duo in Motion Acro Dance Calendar! In 2021 we had the chance to do a really meaningful photo shoot with one of our closest friends Carolin Gödeke. A while after we decided to do something special with these unique photographs - So we came up with the idea to design a calendar with them! On top we thought about 12 individual quotes which would match every single shot. But the chosen quotes should not just fit the images, we also really wanted them to inspire you to work towards your goals mindfully & most importantly: Enjoy the ride while achieving them! We want this to be an inspiration for your training journey & your awesome life in general. We hope you like our little project and that you can take something from it.
Yours sincerely,
Kira & Michi
Duo in Motion

P.s.: You can use this calendar every year over and over again! 

Calendar by Duo in Motion

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